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North Coast + cASTLE mALAHIDE

Thursday, February 22, 2006

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This tour starts in front of the Dublin Bus Headquarters Booking Office on O'Connell Street. Tickets for the tour can be purchased from inside the booking office. The tour guide and bus driver said that the tour really should be called the Castle Malahide and North Coast tour because most of the tour is focused on the getting to and from the castle.

The drive to the castle was pleasant. There where only six of us on the tour. We all sat on the upper deck of the tour bus. It rained during most of the tour. When it wasn't raining, it seemed to be sleeting.

Waiting for the tour to begin on the top deck of the tour bus. Looking North along O'Connell Street.

When we arrived at the castle, we entered into the back door (shown above) on one of the lower levels. That is where the restrooms, gift shop, and coffee shop are located.

We made our way to the front side of the castle where the entry to the castle tour is. At that point, we had to put away our cameras as no filming is allowed inside the castle. We were told that filming was banned because of all of the artwork on display from the National Trust.

The castle is decorated and furnished as it might have been some years ago by the family that had inhabited this place from the 12th century. In some ways it was homey in an aristocratic sort of way. Lots of portraits of important dead people all over the place.

At the end of the castle tour, I ran out front to take this picture.

Next door to the Castle is the Fry Model Railway Museum. I had hoped it would be open but it is closed during the off season.

Jumping back on the bus, we started our drive back to Dublin along the coastal roads. We didn't get out of the bus since it was raining pretty hard at this point.

The windows were all steamed up on the drive back from Malahide Castle. So we all just sat back and listened to the driver point out all of the interesting historical sites along the way back.