Dublin, Ireland

The Guinness Storehouse

Thursday, February 23, 2006

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Guinness is obviously a great marking company as well as great brewery. Their brewery museum is modern in a very striking way. Excellent tour. Costs over 10 Euro. For your money, you get two free beers and a cool high-tech looking memento that looks like a flattened plexiglass egg with a bit of rabbit doo-doo in the middle. It really isn't rabbit doo-doo. Just some essence of the beer making process.

This is where the Storehouse museum self directed tour starts.

The tour ends in a circular lounge (The Gravity Bar) perched high above the brewery and offers fantastic views of Dublin as well as very fresh product.

The Gravity Bar as seen from the River Liffey.

The first thing you see upon entering the building is the Guinness store. The second thing you might see is ticket counter for the Storehouse Museum.

The museum provides a very comprehensive overview of the beer making process in general and highlights the brewing techniques that make Guinness the best in the world. (I didn't drink all of the Cool-Aid.)

The harp used in the Guinness logo. Quite a nice looking instrument.

The museum is open through the center. It is built within one of the old brewery buildings and they have tastefully stripped away old flooring to expose the underlying skeleton. Natural light filters down from top to bottom. On the exposed beams, you will often see characters from Guinness advertising though the ages. I especially like the pair above. Just what I want, A couple of fellows at a high-rise construction site drinking beer.

When I got my pint in the Gravity Bar, the bartender kindly drew a clover leaf in the foam with more beer. It is the experience that counts.