Dublin, Ireland

Hop-On/Off Bus Tours

Thursday, February 23, 2006

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In and around the city center one will find bus stops like this one which is for the Dublin Bus Company City Tour service. Another outfit, Gray Line provides similar service called The Dublin Tour. Many of Gray Line's bus stop signs are adjacent to the Dublin Bus Company ones.

Dublin Tour bus stop.

Regardless of the tour provider, the busses are double decker busses with most of the upper deck open to the air. When it is NOT raining, the open air area provides excellent photo opportunities. When it is raining or sleeting and cold, sitting in the open air upper deck might not be for everyone.

Other specialized busses serve tourist needs. One popular specialized bus route is airport to city center types of service. These typically cost between 6 and 8 Euro and pick up or drop off at major hotels. We took a cab. From the airport on a Saturday morning was 15 Euro. Returning to the airport was 20 Euro. Don't know why coming and going have different prices. Don't care. In both cases I gave the cab driver a 5 Euro tip.

The Dublin Bus City Tour bus approaching O'Connell Street along the Quay is similar to the one I took to the Guinness Brewery.

Pulling away from the stop #1, it is raining and I'm sitting on the upper deck just under the forward overhang.


Oscar Wilde in all his glory. This sculpture can be found at the Northwest corner of Merrion Square.

The first public phone booth in Ireland. If I recall correctly, the driver said that it was put up in 1922.

One of the many entry ways to Dublin Castle.

Christ Church Cathedral.

Bus tour stop in front of the Guinness Brewery public entrance.

The Wellington Monument in Phoenix Park.