Wooden Nickel Historical Museum

Thursday, August 18, 2005

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The worlds largest wooden nickel is in San Antonio! See all of the pictures taken around the Wooden Nickel museum here!


I've lived in San Antonio for 12 years now. I thought I knew about all of the attractions. All the Museums, theatres, restaraunts, state parks, national monuments, etc. The night before last I was reading a magazine that had a picture (like this one) and a short article on this San Antonio landmark. I looked up the address and website (http://www.wooden-nickel.net/). Then I looked it up on Google maps.

I couldn't believe it. Everyday I drive to work I pass within two blocks of this place. Never had any idea that it was just around the corner. I wasn't all that sure that Google maps was working. Tonight, on the way home from work I drove by and took this picture.

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