Windmill RV Park

Friday, August 23, 2002

See all of the pictures of the RV park here!

The Windmill RV Park in Carlsbad, New Mexico is well run and well laid out. It is situated next to a Chevron that has diesel fuel. The diesel pumps are situated so that you can easily fuel up with a trailer attached. There is no overhead for the diesel pumps at the gas station.

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One thing about the convenience store inside the gas station - it doesn't have much in the way of diet/caffeine free sodas. There was no Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Diet Sprite, or Diet 7-Up. There is beginning to be a pattern of no diet soda outside major metropolitan areas.

Something that I didn't notice until I filled up the truck was how well the diesel fuel pumps were setup. The hoses are long and the filler spout is larger than the ones typically used for gasoline. Fueling the truck took very little time because of the volume of fuel the larger hose delivers.

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Carlsbad is pretty big so far as small towns go. There are three major grocery stores here: Super Wal-Mart, Thriftway, and Albertson's. I've even heard of all of these chains.

We were driving around looking for the bat caves and stopped off at a Dairy Queen for an ice cream. This was the best DQ I've been in for years and years. I would consider eating a real dinner there. They had barbecue on the menu. The stuff coming out of the kitchen looked good.

We have full hookups on a paved pull through parking pad. The way the lanes and sites are arranged puts lots of trailers close together. This closeness creates a nice community feeling. The spots are also easy to get into and out of.

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Here is a view of the park in the morning from the gas station. A number of people have already left by the time I took this picture. Most all of the spots were full last night.

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The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce can be found here. The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau can be found here. Elevation is 3,100 feet. Average annual precipitation is 15 inches. July average highs are 96 and the average lows are 67.

We had originally planned to watch the bats fly out of their caves. We forgot to bring the directions to the viewing area. Next time we will visit this site and print out all the information before our trip. Needless to say, we missed the bat viewing. Other folks that we have talked to that watched the evening bat evacuation didn't think it was all that great. What do they know? Carlsbad Caverns National Park web site can be found here.

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