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Saturday, January 18, 2003

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Rockport's waterfront area has a number of attractions centered around the Texas Maritime Museum.   There is a marina, an art museum, and a city park.

Texas Maritime Museum Sign

Texas Maritime Museum

The Museum has a lookout tower.  It is three floors above ground level.  From the tower, you can see almost all of Rockport.

Pelican Baitshop in Rockport, TX

The marina across from the Texas Maritime Museum in Rockport, TX

Marina across from the Texas Maritime Museum in Rockport, TX

Inside the Texas Maritime Museum

Linda and stuffed Pelican at the Texas Maritime Museum

The exhibits inside the museum are cool.  The museum's focus is on Texas.

We walked along the marina facing the museum.  This is quite the scenic little waterfront area.  The fishing boats are very rustic.  Great place to just bang around.

Rockport Marina

Rockport Marina

Across from the Museum is an art museum.  In the back of the art museum is a sculpture of three birds.  They look like either whooping cranes or herons.

Rockport Art Museum

Rockport Art Museum

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A boy and his dogs....
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