South Llano River State Park

Saturday, December 31, 2005

We had arrived at the Junction KOA around 3:00 PM and thought we would drive through South Llano River State Park. We had hoped to see turkeys. We didn't see any turkeys. We did see three armadillos and a number of deer. Also, the park has been undergoing some amount of renovation. The park host spots have been improved. They are now on concrete pads with concrete sidewalks. Makes me want to volunteer at this park when I retire. Other sites have gotten concrete pads as well. It looks like some of the campsites have been upgraded for use by folks with disabilities. These special sites have wide sidewalks connecting the parking pad with the picnic table, fire ring, and lantern pole. We also noticed a number of new parking lots. Some of the parking lots look to be for overflow. Others are at trailheads.

We have been in the park a number of other times. The first time, we just drove through the park. The second time was in mid-September and we saw lots of turkeys. The third time, we rode our bikes all over the park and enjoyed the spring flowers. The fourth time, we hooked up with friends for Labor Day weekend.

To see all of the pictures I've taken in and around South Llano River State Park (pretty much), click here.

At certain times of the year, most of the park is off limits. It seems like the only area open is the campground loop.

The armadillos were out in full force.

Deer are pretty fearless in this park.

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