Seminole Canyon

State Park and Historic Site

Saturday, November 19 through Wednesday, November 23, 2005

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This Big Bend region desert park is along the Rio Grande. Steep canyons can be found throughout the park. The canyons empty out into the Rio Grande. The water from the Amistad resevoir backs up into a number of these canyons. It is in these canyons that ancient peoples painted on the canyon walls where they lived. These canyon shelter paintings were done continuously from around 10,000 on through 4,000 years ago.

Guided tours of the pictograph sites are lead by groups from from San Antonio. Our tour guide of the Fate Bell Shelter was knowledgeable and fun to listen to.

Modern sculpture behind the ranger station.

To reach the Fate Bell Shelter to view the paintings, tour groups pick their way down to the canyon floor starting from the park's ranger station.

The ranger station (upper right hand corner in the above picture) is almost directly above the Fate Bell site.

The tour group looks over pictgraphs.

One of the many pictographs.

One of the many pictographs.

The Panther Cave Pictograph Site is visible from two viewing areas at the end of the Rio Grande River Trail. To view the panther pictograph, viewers look across Seminole Canyon from the opposite bluff. In the picture above, you can see the bluff and veiwing area closest to the Panther Cave Pictograph Site where the panther picture was taken (below).

The panther from the Panther Cave Pictograph Site. This site is only accessible via boat.

Our campsite. Desert landscape.

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