Park View R.V. Park

Sanderson Hwy. (285 South)

Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Thursday, August 22, 2002

See more pictures of the Park View R.V. Park here!

Today we drove up from San Antonio to Fort Stockton. The drive took about five hours. Since we faced a headwind, our mileage suffered. On our last trip (San Antonio to Lake Corpus Christi), we got 13.45 MPG. On this trip we got 11.73 MPG.

There are a number of RV parks that we saw on the way along I-10. These we will chronicle on our way back home. I guess you need to write things down if you expect to remember them. Same goes with gas stations that sell diesel and have room for an RV.

One idea did occur to us about travelling this way from San Antonio. We think that if we left San Antonio around 6 AM, we could make it all the way to Carlsbad, New Mexico. It is five hours from San Antonio to Fort Stockton and another three hours to Carlsbad. That extends our effective short trip range to include the central part of New Mexico

After setting up camp, we decided to try to find a Wal-Mart. We forgot to bring along a fly swatter and a TV cable wire. This park has cable television. There is a Wal-Mart here. We found it without any trouble. There is also a grocery store but it isn't a chain I recognize. There is every type fast food chain. There are also other RV parks.

In general, Fort Stockton has very little in the way of trees and landscape grass. This is desert. It is dusty and bleak. It looks poor. One good thing that surprised me. There isn't any trash blowing around. So it may be dusty and bleak but it is clean.

The Fort Stockton KOA looked decent. None of the parks in Fort Stockton have much in the way of trees. This one seemed to have more than others.

The Texaco station (at exit 256) where we filled up the truck had about 8 full hookup sites (back in) for $7.95 per night. These were located behind the station (and convenience store). I would find it a little creepy to stay in a place with so much traffic all night long.

The Commanche RV Park is a real hoot. It looks fine from the highway. The thing I like about it is the giant arrows thrust into the ground at precarious angles. Some giant Indian was trying to hit the little RV's from the next county. The decor is very NOT politically correct (PC). That is what makes it so much fun!

The I-10 RV Park is completely concreted in. Normally I wouldn't recommend a concrete park for dogs but given the quantity and quality of noxious weeds that have burrs and spines and spears concrete might be worth considering. Of course you would clean up after your dog on a concrete surface.

Here is the park entrance in the morning. I would definitely stay here again. It was inexpensive ($16) and it was very easy to get in and out of. This is not a vacation destination but the folks running it are nice and it worked well for our needs.

Click for larger view.

The swimming pool is an above ground model. Not very glamorous but it does the job.

Click for a larger view.

There are also laundry facilities. Again, not glamorous but it does the trick.

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This is the public restrooms. We have a potty aboard our trailer. However, if you don't have a travel potty and must rely on public bathroom facilities, don't stay here. This just doesn't look like something that I would use.

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Here is a picture of our home.

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Another picture of the campsite from the other direction.

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The Park View R.V. Park is shown in panoramic view below. I took the pictures from the roof of our trailer about an hour before sundown.

Park View R.V. Park

The grass in this park is full of noxious weeds. I'm used to burrs. However the picture below shows what I picked off the floor that my dogs and I tracked into our trailer.

Click to see larger view.