Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Friday, September 8, 2006

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To outsiders, Texas is wrapped in larger than life landscape, history, and legend. For Texas insiders, the same can be said. The difference between insiders and outsiders might be the degree. In my own experience, the older I get, the more larger than life my adopted state becomes.

TravelTex, the official State Travel Guide, lists seven distinct regions to Texas. The Panhandle, also called the Panhandle Plains is one of them.

The Panhandle-Plains HIstorical Museum located in Canyon celebrates the Panhandle with ever changing exhibits on Panhandle life, community, commerce, geography, and art. As the largest Texas history museum, it is a must see.

We have been to this museum before. The exhibits have changed. It looks like there is lots of material for the museum to rotate keeping the exhibits fresh. It also looks like they use collections from other sources to augment their own collection as well as complete exhibits from other museums.

The exhibits we saw this time had different stuff in them. It was fun to look at new material. I did want to see some things again and was sorry I didn't spend more time in the museum the first time around.

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1930 Cadillac V-16 Sedan