McDonald Observatory

Fort Davis, Texas

Friday, December 30, 2005

This is the third time we have been to the McDonald Observatory outside Fort Davis, Texas. To see the first time, click here. To see the second time, click here.

Not much has changed at the observatory other than the admission price which is now $8.00. We decided not to take the guided tour up to the telescopes. The Visitor Center exhibits have been updated and improved. I like the new look.

The Observatory Visitor Center. The road in front of the Visitor Center doesn't really make a turn. It is straight as an arrow.

Linda interacts with one of the exhibits.

Larry in the Visitor Center foyer.

We took the Davis Mountains Scenic Loop. Very nice - worth the drive. We went counter clockwise. Next time, we will go clockwise. The following pictures represent less than 1% of the breathtaking views.

Pretty horses.

The view from the road climbing Mount Locke where the telescopes are.

We think that the road might be pointing to Sawtooth Mountain.

This must be the "Rock Pile."

This bit of geology sits across the highway from the "Rock Pile."

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