Holiday Weekend Rain Empties Park

Lake Colorado City State Park

Saturday, September 2 Through Tuesday, September 5, 2006

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You will find every picture taken at Lake Colorado City State Park here.

Normally lake parks like Lake Colorado City State Park are jam packed with campers on holiday weekends. Not this time. It had been foggy in the morning. The fog was replaced by gray skies. The forecast called for rain through Labor Day. On a normal day this time of year, the highs are in the upper eighties and the sky is clear as a bell.

Lake Colorado City State Park is in a desert and gets very little annual rain. Lots of clear sunny days. Less than 15 inches of rain a year. Mostly sunny.

Normally, a park like this would be packed Labor Day Weekend.

We were surprised when we arrived on Saturday to find available campsites. Sunday the cold front moved in bringing a misting rain and holding the high to the mid sixties. Overnight, the sky opened up and rain poured down. Tuesday, it cleared up and began to warm. The damage was already done. Throughout the weekend, campers left early. By Monday morning, only a score of campers remained. Tuesday, we counted the occupied campsites on one hand.

In some ways the rain made our trip more pleasant. Normal holiday weekends in parks with lakes can be noisy, crowded, and unsettling. I prefer quiet, solitude, and room to play. We joked that we had ended another drought since bad weather seems to follow us where ever we go.

The cold weather (mid sixties is cold to us) was a bit of a surprise. We ended up going to the WalMart in Big Spring. Needed to get some warmer clothes. We only packed t-shirts and shorts.

Rain and Campsite

Even though the temperature was only in the eighties and skies were overcast on Saturday, boaters were out on the lake racing around having fun. When the weather is nice, the park is quite lovely and offers excellent water based activities. There are boat ramps. Lots of shoreline. Plenty of fishing spots. The park is tidy. Many of the campsites are roomy. If you don't mind crowds, holiday weekends would be fun. Enjoy the water.


People were also fishing from piers and from the shore Saturday. Must have been mostly fair weather fishermen since we didn't see fishing any of the other days we were in the park.



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