Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where does Dr. Dolittle go to hang out with African Savanna animals when he doesn't have the time to travel to Africa?

Ever been on the road, driving for hours, and come across a sign advertising a wildlife safari? Bob's wildlife safari in 200 miles. Exotic animals in 100 miles. I've always stayed clear of such places.

Not anymore. I'm hooked. It could very well be the outstanding way Fossil Rim Wildlife Center bridges the gap between a drive-through and a top end zoo. It is like a gigantic zoo-park.

Located just outside Glen Rose, Texas and down the road from Dinosaur Valley State Park, Fossil Rim is a world class operation. Most animals (the safe ones) are free to roam over vast acreage. Others like the territorial rhinos, are fenced in large scale pastures. You drive your car through the park slowly. Pulling over provides opportunities to take rolls of pictures and lets other cars pass by. Visitors can purchase bags of animal treats so they can feed the best beggars. Quite a few of the animals have become pretty advanced at begging.

Children seemed to really enjoy feeding the animals.

I see you. You see me .

Baby giraffes are so very cute.

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