Dinosaur Valley State Park

Tuesday, March 20 Through Thursday, March 22, 2007


These dinosaur's, commissioned by Sinclair Oil Company, were displayed at the 1964-1965 World's Fair in NEW YORK CITY.

The dinosaur's may be found today at Dinosaur Valley State Park outside Glen Rose, Texas.

What does a childless middle-aged couple do in a dinosaur park? Have fun!

The State Parks Store (managed by a concessionaire, shown over my right shoulder) has the most amazing collection of dinosaur trinkets. We both bought tee shirts. What fun.

The Paluxy River lazily loops through the park. In the river bed there are real dinosaur tracks. Not expecting to really be able to tell that the tracks were from dinosaurs, I was surprised at what I found. Lots and lots of dinosaur tracks. The tracks make it easy to imagine one dinosaur hunting another. Like you would expect a panther tracking a deer.

There is one spot along the river, on the other side, where you can see a dinosaur track way. You cross the river by stepping across these large stones.





Crossing the river provides access to a number of hiking trails and primitive camping areas. All very peaceful. All very serene.

As campgrounds go, this park is nice. Spacious clean campsites. The other campers (even during spring break) were quiet. Lots of happy kids. Good park staff.

You can see all of the pictures we took at this park here.

The other big attraction in the area is a wildlife safari type place called Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

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