Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute (CDRI)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

To see all of the pictures taken around CDRI, click here. CDRI is located a few miles outside of Fort Davis, Texas.

The Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute (CDRI) has been remaking itself since I last visited them. One aspect of the change can be seen in the highway signage.

On the left - the before picture from April, 2003. On the right, the current version. You can see the old lettering on the new sign.

A bunch of really cool exhibits have been added (or completed). If you visit, start with the visitor center.

Above - Visitor Center

Inside the Visitor Center (above) are a number of exhibits and an excellent gift shop. We bought four t-shirts and two books on mammals. The staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Above, the completed and cool Chihuahuan Desert Mining Heritage Exhibit. This exhibit is a replica of a late 19th century mining operation.

Above is the "Wildlife Guzzler" - a 2,000-gallon tank with an "umbrella" rain water collector on top of the tank. The collected water is piped to tiny water troughs for smaller wildlife.

Linda and Larry in the Botanical Garden. Good collection of all plants found in the region.

Above, Linda looks over 200 plus species of Chihuahuan Desert cacti and succulents inside the Cactus & Succulent Greenhouse.

Above, the backside of the Education Pavilion. To the right of the pavilion is a water storage tank. Large water storage tanks are commonly seen around CDRI. Most every building roof has gutters and forms part of a rain water collection system.

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