Buckhorn Lake Resort

Off the Highway, On the Way

Friday, September 1, 2006

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The Buckhorn Lake Resort is located one exit east of Kerrville, Texas on Interstate 10. Finding the park is easy. It is just off the highway on the west bound side of I-10. The ease of on/off highway access make this park an ideal way point for travelers passing through this part of Texas. On our vacation this year, we used the Buckhorn Lake Resort for a night rest as we drove from our home in San Antonio to Lake Colorado CIty State Park. The Buckhorn was perfect for leaving on a trip after work and stopping for the night before dark.

When we made our reservations, we were told that the office closed by 6:00 PM and we would need to settle up the bill in the morning. We were pleasantly surprised when arriving just before 7:00 PM to find the office still open. The staff told Linda as she checked us in that they stayed open later because it was a holiday weekend and they had a large number of guests arriving that night. Linda also found out there was a Friday night Pasta Buffet dinner for $10 per person being served until 7:30 that evening. In addition, they also offered a pancake breakfast in the morning for $5 . Like most larger parks, they give each guest a brochure that includes a facility map, local attractions, and advertisements from area businesses supporting the RV industry.

The Buckhorn Lake Resort is a fairly new park. This is by far the nicest private facility we have stayed at since we started camping. The spots really are level. There is enough space between sites so that large rigs with slide outs on both sides can easily fit without crowding neighbors. The site we were in, a pull through, is shown on the right. See how clean the concrete pad and patio area are.

Kicking Back

Larry and Linda relax after a short drive from San Antonio.

After getting settled, we got to talking about the lead curbside trailer tire. The tire looked low. Earlier at a rest stop, I had noticed that it was warmer than the other tires but wasn't alarmed enough to go through the hassle of getting the tire changed. I got out the pressure gauge and the portable air compressor. Bad news - 14 PSI. Must be flat. Should have been 55. Air bled back out the tire as soon as it was inflated. Not good.

I called A&A Tire Service (Kerrville, TX). Found their advertisement in the campground's brochure. These folks were super helpful. I had them come out in the morning to change the tire. Saved $40 over the emergency night time rate. The man changing the tire told me I was lucky. The tire had suffered road damage affecting the tread and sidewall. In addition, all of the tires needed to be replaced. They are rotting. Sun takes its toll year round in South Texas. Hitting something didn't help. Big surprise - curbside tires take lots of abuse when driving narrow roads with broken down shoulders. Well, that and a tendency to drive over curbs.

Just plain lucky. Low cost learning experience on tires. Trailer tires breakdown over time. These tires are just over four years old and they are breaking down from the sun. We don't cover them in between camping trips. Time to replace all five (don't forget the spare).

Guests kept arriving into the night. The lighting at night is subtle but effective. It was easy to get around the park at night. The lighting is enough to get around safely. Not like camping under bright stadium lights. Guests arriving at night will pass by the campground office (shown to the right) where reserved and available sites are posted on the porch for late arrivals.

Late Arrival

Campground Office


Below is the Event Center complex including restaurant, meeting rooms, covered patios, Road House Rally building, and movie theatre. Out front is an old John Deere tractor and the signature piece windmill.


Festive lighting decorating rigs make night time walks enjoyable.

Festive Lights

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