Blanco State Park

Friday, December 22 Through Sunday, December 31, 2006

At times, Blanco State Park is a quiet park tucked in to the Texas Hill Country. On our first trip to this park four years ago, the weather was perfect fall weather - cool nights with warm sunny days. Back then, it was quiet all the time. We rarely heard highway noise.

Today, the park is a different park. There are locks on the bathrooms and showers. The San Antonio and Austin housing and building booms are encroaching on Blanco and the surrounding area. Highway noise is more pronounced.

Some good changes have come to the park. Fish are being stocked in the river. Sewer has been added to more campsites.

Some things are still the same. The park staff is still helpful, courteous, and professional.

Even on rainy days, sunset can be a magical time.

Fish brought from the State fish hatchery are released into the Blanco river at the low water crossing through the park.

For fishermen, it is all in the chase.



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