Prairie Dogs Missing From
Big Spring State Park

Sunday, September 3, 2006

You can see every single picture taken at Big Spring State Park here.

The Prairie Dogs are gone from Big Spring State Park's Prarie Dog Town. A park host suggested they had been eaten by coyotes. Then he told us that the road to The Hanger 25 Museum has loads of Prairie Dogs where it skirts along the airport. Could this mean that the Prairie Dogs packed up and moved?

The day we visited Big Spring State Park, it was foggy and drizzling. An unusual day for an area that receives little rain and is generally sunny and hot. The park encloses an unusual geological formation for this part of Texas. Big Springs is fairly flat except for this one hill. The State Park rises 200 feet above the surrounding flat countryside. From the crown of the hill, you can see for miles. Our park host also told us that the nighttime view of the surrounding Big Springs was very beautiful. The lights from the homes, businesses, and Air Force Base are breathtaking. The approach to Big Spring along Interstate 20 from the East takes travelers past a refinery and garbage dump. Two more landmarks visible from the Park. At night, the lights thrown off from the refinery would be nice but driving past the double whammy dump and refinery during the day just irritates the eyes and nose - literally.

However spectacular the nighttime lights are, be careful hanging around the park at night. Broken glass litters much of the park. The litter is especially bad in areas with good views. People who litter and break bottles may not be the best company at night.

Big Springs has plenty to see and do. From the State Park hill's crown, a number of the attractions listed in the Convention and Visitors Bureau brochure can be seen. Even though it was foggy, The Hanger 25 Museum, Vietnam Memorial, Webb Air Force Base, and more could be seen. There is a city park, Comanche Trail Park, that supports a variety of activities. There are museums. There is an excellent RV park, Texas RV Park of Big Spring, on US 87.

Below, Linda chats with the park host. Not only was he informative, he told good stories as well.

Talking with the park host

Below, a man eats a picnic lunch while enjoying the view. A number of covered picnic tables provide good views and shelter from the normally strong sun.

Picnic with a view.


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