Balmorhea State Park

Saturday, December 20 through Sunday, December 21, 2003

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Balmorhea State Park is located near Balmorhea , Texas.  See the Texas State Parks web site for official information about the park.   Balmorhea is on the road you take from Fort Stockton to Fort Davis.  The park's main feature is a spring that feeds the water features in the park.  The spring has been around for a very long time.  A swimming pool has been dug around the main spring.   As the spring's water wells up in the swimming pool, it overflows into a system of canals.  The water is extraordinarily clear.  There are fish in the canals.  Some of the water is directed into a wetlands area.  Years ago, before Europeans diverted the spring water into canals for irrigation, the spring water fed a large wetlands area.   This new wetlands area is entirely man made.  It has an underwater viewing area.  It is like an aquarium  in the side of a pond.  In the evening, when I was looking in the window into the pond, I saw the bottoms of loons and bunches of minnows and a few larger fish.   Very cool.

This is a nice park.  I would come back again off season.  I wouldn't advise coming in the summer.  This area is super hot.   There isn't much to do here.  There isn't much in the way of wildlife.

Click on image for larger format picture.  Balmorhea State Park//

Click on image for larger format picture.  Balmorhea State Park//

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