Atlanta State Park

Saturday, June 26 through Monday, June 28, 2004

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Atlanta State Park is located near Atlanta, Texas.  Atlanta is in the is in Piney Woods region of Texas.   The Texas State Parks web site has information and a map of the park.

When we arrived yesterday, it was raining. After we had setup our campsite, another camper came by and said the weather forecast was calling for rain all week. This morning we setup our NOAA weather radio. It confirmed the bad news. The rains will continue throughout today (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday). The rain is keeping us from really exploring the park on foot or by bicycle.

From what we can see from the relative dryness of the truck cab, this park is really cool. The main attraction is the huge lake (Lake Wright Patman). The park is very well forested. We really have the feeling that we are camping in a forest. It looks like the park is generally full on summer weekends. Weekdays it would be pretty empty. Because it was raining, there were a number of no-shows. We didn't have any trouble arriving early Saturday evening.

The park grounds are well maintained. The park staff is polite and helpful. The campsites are far enough apart that you feel like there is some privacy without feeling isolated.

There is some wildlife. We have seen squirrels, deer, rabbits, and assorted birds. On walks, the dogs are running back and forth with their noses to the grounds following invisible little animal trails.

Click on image for larger format picture.  Atlanta State Park/06/27/2004/0001

Click on image for larger format picture.  Atlanta State Park/06/27/2004/0004

Above left - the ranger station.

Above right - one of the two boat ramps. They also have fish cleaning stations.

Right - the campground we are staying in (Knights Bluff Camping Area). Our trailer is the third one back. Second in from the right.

Below - under our awning we setup our tables and we are making breakfast. The green carpet has puddles in it. The puddles rise and fall with the rain rate.

Click on image for larger format picture.  Atlanta State Park/06/27/2004/0006

Click on image for larger format picture.  Atlanta State Park/06/27/2004/0008

Rain Rain Go Away

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