Amistad National Recreation Area

Visitor Center

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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Fifteen miles west of Del Rio, Texas along US 90 is the Amistad National Recreation Area Visitor Center. This national park is the US side of the Rio Grande that backs up behind the Amistad Dam. There are four overnight campgrounds within the park area. We drove through all four. None of them have electricity. Only one of them has potable water. There is a dump station at Diablo East but no camping. Govenor's Landing, the campsite with the potable water, is right next to the highway.

I'm not sure I will ever camp in this park. This park is centered around the lake, boating, and fishing. There are parks with better facilities in the area that match my needs. I do know people who are serious about boating and fishing. They really like this park and don't mind the lack of facilities.

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