Museum of Alaska Transportation & Industry

Saturday, June 16, 2007

We found the Museum of Alaska Transportation & Industry by accident. We saw the sign on our way from Anchorage to Talkeetna then decided to stop by on our way back. Stop by we did.

I enjoyed spending a few hours looking through all of the old stuff. I saw lots of bits of equipment and machinery that made me think back to earlier times. They have lots of old stuff.

Problem is, there is no context for the stuff they have. I suspect folks have trouble figuring out how any of the equipment really fits into the history of Alaska. The questions I asked and made up my own answers for were, how was this used, who used it, where was it used, what does it do, and so on.

This museum is in need of a historian who likes to wrap (true) stories around pieces in the collection.

Still, I enjoyed it.

To see all of the pictures taken in and around the museum, click here.

You can find the Museum outside of Wasilla, Alaska.

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